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It’s mid-December and you’re hustling to turn your last minute holiday party into the Ultimate Holiday Extravaganza. We’re here to help you with some easy ways to amplify the festivities.


First things, first. Give your event some holiday spirit. If your favorite DJ is booked, grab your wireless sound bar from home or grab one with a sub-woofer (for better sound quality) from Target –  we love this one. While you’re there – it might be a good idea to get a surge protector if you plan on plugging in lots of things to the same outlet. Safety first! Blown fuses can be a real party foul. Once you have all the magical equipment, simply connect it to your smart phone or tablet via bluetooth and voila! You’ve got that beat. No time to compose a playlist? You can find our favorite Holiday Playlist on Spotify.

Last Minute Holiday Party


With great last minute holiday parties, comes great responsibility – and also entertainment. The main things that happen at any party are dancing and selfies. If you’re the greatest host that ever lived or aspire to be, one of the tricks you can pull out of your hat is renting a photo booth. People LOVE it. Here’s why:

  1. It’s a great conversational piece and automatic mood-booster.
  2. It’s a way to connect and bond with your family, besties and that cutie you’ve had your eye on since they walked in the door.
  3. Everyone loves to dress up – holiday props are THE most fun. Santa hats, antlers, light-up reindeer noses, light-up necklaces, and “I hate presents, said no one ever” signs are the best ways to express your festive side. And also… mistletoe – the perfect excuse to land a smooch on your special someone.
  4. What guest doesn’t love a party favor? Most booths give you the option to print, text, email or even share the image on social media. Why not amp up your instagram game? Everyone’s doing it…
  5. MOST IMPORTANTLY, it’s a relief to not have to try your hand at stand up comedy right? Give yourself a break this season, wink wink.

Need more entertainment ideas? No problem. We’ve curated some festive game ideas to land your party on the nominee list for best last minute holiday party of the year. There’s some really awesome finds in there like ‘What’s your elf name?’ and another that involves turning a lucky someone into a virtual Christmas Tree and decorating them – we nominate the ‘class clown’ for this job. Check out the rest here.

Last Minute Holiday Party


C’mon who doesn’t enjoy some good ‘ol grub. We’re not talking gourmet. Just sweet & savory bites delivered to the stomachs of your party-goers. These oh-so-tasty Pinterest recipes we’ve found are dishes you can put together in less than 10 minutes, but stun the pants off your party guests – in the best possible way. Some ideas include a DIY Hot Cocoa Bar, cranberry brie bites, peppermint oreo truffles and more. Not to mention we ‘poured’ over drink concoctions to find you the BEST libations. LOOK!

No time? No worries. Make a mad dash to the snack aisle of Target, Wal-Mart or Fresh Market and pick up some Boom Chicka Pop – Holiday edition flavored popcorn (we love the White Chocolate Peppermint and Hot Cocoa w/ Marshmallows kinds), while you’re there head over to the beverage section for Sprite and Cranberry cocktail – mix with your liquor of choice or keep it virgin and add mint or cranberry as a garnish. Problem solved!

Last Minute Holiday Party


Last but not least, you’ll want to send your guests off with a memorable takeaway to remind them of the most amazing person who created such a phenomenal last minute holiday party for them to enjoy. Here’s some budget-friendly and easy-to-make options.

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