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If you’re looking for the perfect NYE dress, look no more, we’re giving you our personal list of 15 Photo-Ready NYE dresses under $50. We know what it’s like to sift through dozens of dresses that meet all the qualifying criteria – vibrant color, flattering fit, occasion appropriate, budget-friendly, tends to draw the eye in a positive way and most importantly has the selfie seal of approval. We searched Amazon and found some pretty amazing dresses that meet our criteria which are:

  1. Cost under $50
  2. Must be a prime item (so prime members can score on that free 2-day shipping of course!)
  3. Has 3.5 average star review ranking or higher
  4. Meets previously outlined qualifying criteria (vibrant color, flattering fit, photo-ready, etc.)



Refer to this one as – the crowd pleaser. It has a flattering shape that slims all the right areas and accentuates your curves. Those long sleeves will keep you warm, and the skirt height is oh-so-right to flaunt those gorgeous legs of yours.  You can also choose the black option for the most flattering look. It ranks 4 stars on a 5 star scale, and can be bought for a cool $30 with free 2 day shipping if you’re a prime member.



Every vixen needs this dress. Not only does this dress accentuate your features, but elongates the body, makes you look taller and helps give you an hour-glass shape. An elegant front slip leaves an air of mystery and adds an elegant touch. At $34, this dress is a steal and reviews averaged 4 stars making it a top contender for the number one spot.



Intended for those who are more petite and daring, this dress highlights your décolletage, slightly cinches in at the waist, and flutters out like you’re floating on air. The color compliments an array of skin tones with its pinkish hues. For $35, this 4 star rated dress can be a coveted piece in your closet.

#4 – High Highs


An LBD with an hour-glass shape pre-installed! Show off your sexy shoulders and flaunt those legs in this classic high-low skater dress. Toss in $20 at checkout and you’ve got yourself a perfect go-to for just about any occasion. 4 stars.



For a more classic look, you can opt for a midi-dress with a plunging neckline. Worried about a possible red-wine spill on your creamy white dress? Don’t worry, be happy – there are 4 alternative color options. Not only is this ultra-flattering but it also has pockets! 4 stars, $26….  we’ll take 2 please.



We just found Audrey Hepburn’s dress on Amazon and it looks quite nice for it’s $20 price. It’s chic, classy and offers 6 other color options. Paired with a statement necklace, you can’t go wrong with this timeless piece. 4 stars!



A-lines are forever flattering, but give it some zest with a cold shoulder and you’ve got a winner. Our favorite is the wine-colored option for those holiday vibes. Can you really beat $30 for this super-cute NYE dress? Thanks to our 15 Photo-Ready NYE Dresses under $50 list, that might not be so challenging.



A cozy velvet dress is such a perfect choice when you want to stay warm. The cold shoulder style and ornate lace sleeves are the perfect feminine touch. $37 for a phenomenal and unique 5 STAR RATED party dress is a steal. **Disclaimer, we couldn’t find this one on Prime, but just had to share this amazing dress with the world…



Speaking of velvet, this sleek 4.5 star rated, $35 dollar stunner has us drooling. The ultra flattering style and stunning color options are what velvet dreams are made of. Be smart – add it to your cart!


15 Photo-Ready NYE Dresses Under $50

Lore ’em in with this flirty Mermaid dress. Everyone agrees this 5-star dress is a great way for you to look like a million bucks, while only spending $50. This one is near the top of the list of 15 Photo-Ready NYE dresses under $50.

#11 – DRESS EN-V


Get us our nearest credit card so we can buy this dress! It’s stunning neckline and flowy high-low hem is absolutely dreamy. Perfect for making an elegant entrance, or better yet on the dance floor when you have your Dirty Dancing moment when Johnny lifts Baby and they live happily ever after. You too can have the time of your life for only $23. This might be top favorite on our list of 15 Photo-Ready NYE dresses under $50



That’s what this dress will give you… confidence. While it’s not super revealing, it does reveal your confidence and a little bit of cleve. Pick your poison – there’s black, wine and white. We’d opt for the wine since the white seems a bit innocent for this $30 dress.

#13 – GO FETCH


We’re speechless at how fetching this dress is. Flapper inspired and curve-friendly are phrases we’d use to best describe this $28 dress.



Everybody knows, sequins tend to be the best way to make heads turn. This $24 head-turning dress has slimming qualities and is also fun and flirty. It’s 4-star average has observers wide-eyed with nods of approval.



While this dress has Pretty Woman vibes, it’s not quite the exact replica. We like that it’s a more modern, slightly less formal version without the gloves – let that mani be seen! For a sweet little $26 chunk of change, this 4.5 star sultry dress is perfect for your next occasion.

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