Snap That Snap That


It's mid-December and you're hustling to turn your last minute holiday party into the Ultimate Holiday Extravaganza. We're here to help you with some easy ways to amplify the festivities. MUSIC First things, first. Give your event some holiday spirit. If your favorite DJ is booked, grab your wireless sound bar from home or grab one with a sub-woofer (for better sound quality) from Target -  we love this one. While you're there - it might be a good idea to get a surge protector if you plan on plugging in lots of things to the same outlet. Safety first! Blown fuses can be a real party foul. Once you have all the magical equipment, simply connect it to your smart phone or tablet via bluetooth and voila! You've got that beat. No time to compose a playlist? You can find our favorite Holiday Playlist on Spotify. ENTERTAINMENT With great last minute holiday parties, comes great responsibility - and also entertainment. The main things that happen at any party are dancing and selfies. If you're the greatest host that ever lived or aspire to be, one of the tricks you can pull out of your hat is renting a photo booth. People LOVE it. Here's why: It's a great conversational piece and automatic mood-booster. It's a way to connect and bond with your family, besties and that cutie you've had your eye on since they walked in the door. Everyone loves to dress up - holiday props are THE most fun. Santa hats, antlers,...